Preparing for a Coding Interview

Over the past two weeks it has been the busiest time span in my job hunt for my first software engineering position. With the multiple requests for phone screens or initial code challenges I have complied a simple list of steps I used to prep for an interview.

Search the company’s mission/industry

One of the easiest and yet most popular question that I was asked during a phone screening or an initial coding interview was why work at x company. This is such a simple question to answer correctly and it only takes a few second to find the purpose of the company through the website.

Practice Popular Coding Interview Questions

This is an obvious step that will improve your coding skills but will help you to touch up on coding skills. This can be achieved through sites like hacker rank or leetcode.

Practice Big Oh Notation and Time Complexity

Another question I was asked in coding interviews was finding the time complexity and the big Oh notation of a coding problem solution.

Review your 30 Second Elevator Pitch

The final tip is to practice your elevator pitch as I was asked by most interviewee’s who am I or what have I been doing or what is my passion and having an elevator pitch ready helps answering this question.