How to use GitHub in VS Code

Valentin Placido
2 min readSep 13, 2020

So after upgrading to a new system to develop from I came across of the issue of setting back up my work environment that I was used to from my old system and deciding whether or not to try something new in my work flow. One thing that I decided to try out is using the GitHub integration features on VS Code, my preferred text editor. Now in this post I will guide you on the steps I used to integrate my GitHub account to VS Code.

1. Install the GitHub extension on VS Code

The first step is to open VS Code and on the left sidebar menu click the extension tab which will bring up a search option. In the search field just type GitHub and click on the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension. Next just click the install button and you be good to go.

2. Sign In to your GitHub account with your authorization token

Next follow the steps that appear on VS Code to link your GitHub account by getting your GitHub authorization token from Once your authorization token is accepted you are good to go.

After these steps your GitHub account is linked to VS Code and you are able to access the following functions from VS Code cloning a repository, authenticating and existing repository, create pull, push, and issues, and see who make the most recent push. These functions are explained in detail in the link found below.